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How to Make the Collar for a No-Sew Fleece & Ribbon Cape

Learn how to make a no-sew cape out of fleece and ribbon with designer Jennifer Wiese in this Howcast video, part 3 of a 5-part series.


Now that we've cut the length of our cape, we're going to go ahead and make the collar.

So, as you can see here, it's still folded in half. This is the width of our cape and this is the length held up. We want to, at this point, unfold our cape and lay it out in front of us.

To make the collar you're going to fold over the top cut edge, however big you want the collar to be. So, we want kind of like a fun, big collar. So, we're going to make ours about, say, four inches. And, you can just kind of eyeball it.

You're going to fold it across. And what you're going to do is make little silts all down this fold. And, through these slits is where you're going to put your ribbon when you're ready to string your cape up.

So, we'll start at this end. When you start making the slits on your collar, you want to think about how wide your ribbon is. If you're using a really wide ribbon, your slits are going to be a little bit longer than if you're using a more narrow ribbon.

Your slits should about half the size of your ribbon. Because, when you make your slit in the fold and you open it, it's going to be twice as long.

So, we're using about a one inch wide ribbon here. So, I'm going to make a pretty small slit, about half an inch wide. And you'll do this every inch and a half or so down the width of your cape.

Now, you'll notice, as I open it, our slits are now about an inch long. Because we were cutting on bolt. Once you have all of your slits made, next comes the fun part and the part to get your kids involved with. It's time to embellish our capes.

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