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How to Cut Fabric for a No-Sew Fleece Blanket

Learn how to make a no-sew fleece blanket with designer Jennifer Wiese in this Howcast video, part 2 of a 6-part series.


Now we're going to lay out, measure, and trim down our fabric to make our blanket. First thing you want to do is take your fabric and the measurements that you've decided you want your blanket to be, and cut your fabric to that size. Our blanket is going to be 60 inches by 45 inches. We're working with 60 inch wide fabric, so we really only need to cut down the 45 inches.

All we're going to do is lay out our fabric. Right now it's folded in half which just makes it easier to work with. We're going to take a tape measure and measure approximately 45 inches. To do that you're just going to lay your tape measure down. If you have a really big table this will be really easy to do because you can just go ahead and lay your tape measure down across the whole thing. But, since we're working with a little bit of a shorter table we're just going to lay the tape measure down and kind of roll it up so we can get our 45 inches. There it is right there 45 inches.

We're going to straighten our fabric out a little bit, and just kind of eyeball and cut at that point. After we cut both of our pieces about the same size we're going to go ahead and lie them on top of each other and cut them more precisely. So, don't worry if your pieces right now are a little bit off. Make sure you're working with some good scissors.

As you're cutting your blanket you will notice that your fabric is not fraying. That's because fleece is a knit fabric that won't fray like woven fabrics will where the threads are actually interlocked with each other. That's why fleece, besides being so snuggly, is a great fabric to use to make your tie blanket.

Another really easy way to cut your fabric is to use a rotary cutter. We'll go ahead and do that for our second piece. You'll go ahead and take your second piece of fabric if we're doing the double lined blanket. Because this is so wide it'll be easier to work with if we fold it in half again on the width. When you buy it from the fabric store it'll come folded in half off of the bolt. All you'll want to do is fold it in half again. Then you will go ahead and take your tape measure and measure out the 45 inches. We'll see, find that 45 inch mark which is right about here.

Remember, we're not being too exact with it because we're going to trim both the pieces down to size once we're ready. You'll take your, this is an acrylic ruler, kind of lay it down around the 45 inch mark. Make sure you remove the tape measure out of the way so you don't cut through it. A rotary cutter is just kind of like a little pizza cutter but it's for cutting fabric. You'll hold your acrylic ruler down with one hand and then you'll take your rotary cutter and use the acrylic ruler as a guide to make a straight line. So you'll go ahead and start from one end, push down, rule all the way across.

And that is a super easy way to cut your fabric.

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