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How to Finish the Raw Edges of a No-Sew Pillow

Learn how to make a no-sew pillow with designer Jennifer Wiese in this Howcast video, part 3 of a 5-part series.


We're all measured and cut, so now it's time to finish off our raw edges. Before we get to that we want to make sure to iron out this crease in the middle of our fabric. So just a little steam pressing with an iron at home. Super easy to do. Okay. We're all pressed, and what we want to do now is finish off these two raw edges.

We'll simply turn our fabric. All we're going to do is fold over this edge about an inch and a half or so, and then we're going to use heat bond. One thing to note about the heat bond is that you really don't want to over press it. If you over press it, it loses its tackiness, so be careful about that.

You can just eyeball and see that it goes all the way across the width here. We'll cut that off. And the first step is to iron this in place.

You can see it really does not take that much ironing for it to adhere. After you have it laid down and ironed, you want to go ahead and peel away the paper backing. And then you're going to fold over the raw edge and press in place.

Now if you've cut this on these edges and it's not perfectly straight, it's okay. You can actually see here where it's a little wavy, and that's okay because once we fold it and finish this edge, it is straight. And that is going to make a very nice clean opening on your pillow.

So we're just going to repeat that process on the other side. Go ahead and cut the pieces heat bond that is the width of your pillowcase.

Get your iron out and just give it a really quick press. Okay. Once it's on, just go ahead and remove the paper backing. It's kind of hard while you're working with a piece of fabric like this. If you fold this over you'll notice it'll just flop right back. Don't worry about that. Start at one side and get that in place. Iron that down. And now you've got an anchor on which to fold the rest. Quick press.
Okay. And now we have our two raw edges of our pillow opening finished. Now let's move on to making the sides.

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