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How Can I Get My Video Game Published?

Learn what you need to do to get your video game published from gaming industry expert Anthony Castoro in this Howcast video.


If you want to get your game published the reality is it depends on the kind of game.

To get a game published that's a casual game there are actually a lot of sites that publish and distribute games, independent games. Sites like where if you've made a game in flash or whatever else you can upload it. People can use it. And they take care of all the commerce on the back end.

So, you can actually get some kinds of games published and made on your own. But if you've got you know the idea for the next you known unreal six or whatever the likelihood that your game's going to get made is probably slim to none.

If you have a great idea for a game and you want to get it made it can happen. It's going to take dedication, commitment and probably a long time. Especially if it's a big game.

And the way to do that is master the art. To make games. To demonstrate your idea in as many formats as possible. And to be persistent. And to be open to other people's input.

The likelihood that you have the idea that it's going to get made you know next year may not be a reality. But the fact is making games is a wonderful thing. It's a wonderful experience.

And if you pursue that dream it's going to pay off. I mean, people in the game industry stay in the game industry for a long time because they love it. Because it's great people. It's a great thing to work on.

And you know if you stay at it then maybe one day you will actually get your idea made. But to get there you're going to have to work hard and you have to be passionate.

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