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How to Become a Professional Video Game Designer

Learn how to become a professional video game designer from gaming industry expert Anthony Castoro in this Howcast video.


To become a professional game designer, you have to make games. That really is the key to separating the idea of "Hey, I want to make a game" to actually getting a job in the game industry. The first thing that's going to happen when you try to get a job in the game industry as a professional game designer isn't going to be "What's on your resume? What programming language do you know? What's your favorite video game?." It's going to be "What games have you made?" because right now there are so many ways and so many tools for people to make games on their own, independently, there's really no excuse for people to come in and want to be game designers or programmers or anything else without actually having tried to do it on their own already. That's really for me, The fundamental behind "I want to get in the game industry and be a professional" is, start doing it. Start doing it now.

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