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AP vs. Producer

Learn what an AP does versus a producer from gaming industry expert Anthony Castoro in this Howcast video about video game careers.


So there are a lot of different kinds of producers and you'll see a lot of different titles. So there are APs, which can mean two things. Assistant Producer and Associate Producer. They're fairly different. An Assistant Producer gets the coffee and an Associate Producer works on a game.

Well, just to understand, you know, there are sort of different levels of a producer. In the broad strokes you have more and more responsibilities. You go from Assistant Producer all the way up to a Senior Producer. Then you have an Executive Producer who will be responsible for a whole game or maybe even a whole franchise. But they have the business responsibility for the game, not just the production responsibility for the game.

Below that you have people who have more and more responsibility for parts of a game. So a Senior Producer might be responsible for a large feature set. So a Senior Producer might be responsible for the whole online experience, you know. A Senior Producer might be responsible for the whole combat system.

And, you know, as you go down in level you have producers who are responsible for smaller aspects of that. Certain features within that or certain subsets of the team. And they all work together. Different companies have different titles. But the idea is you want to move from AP up to EP. That's the path.

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