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How to Pick the Right College for a Video Game Career

Learn how to pick the right college for a video game career from gaming industry expert Anthony Castoro in this Howcast video.


Picking the right school and the right university is probably the most critical decision, not whether I should go or not. My recommendation, really is, to look at, how long has the University been doing this. Does the curriculum have you making games, at some point, in a team environment? Because making games is a big group activity, it requires a lot of people. And, are the universities having, the game company is actually recruiting actively from that community? Are they participating? Are there any partnerships that you're aware of?

Usually, you can find that out, pretty quickly. If it's a college you've never heard of and they just started their game program in the last three years, I'd be a little bit skeptical, alright, honestly. I would rather; you look at traditional colleges and Universities and get a traditional degree, over getting a game degree, from some college, that's just trying to take advantage of the fad.

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