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Server Programmer vs. Graphics Programmer

Learn what a server programmer does versus a graphics programmer from gaming industry expert Anthony Castoro in this Howcast video.


The difference between a server programmer and a graphics programmer is a
good question because they're really on opposite ends of the spectrum on
programming. A server programmer is someone who works on the logic and code
in an online game that is in the server set, and controls everything that
happens behind the scenes. Whereas, a graphics programmer is someone who works on
the code that runs on your computer or on your console and displays all of the
different graphics: controls the special effects, the animations, all the rendering that's going on.

If you're looking to be a programmer in the game industry, you
have to ask yourself, What you really want to be involved in? Are you really
good at 3D math? Do you know what left hand versus right hand means when
it comes to mathematical formulas, or do you really like Linux and
distributive computing and you really want to be in that part of the

If you're really thinking about getting in, and you have some aptitude for
software programming, there are a wide variety of things that you can do. You should really play to your strengths. The good news is; the pay is really
good on either side of the spectrum.

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