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How to Stay on Top of Gaming Industry Information

Learn how to stay on top of the video game business from gaming industry expert Anthony Castoro in this Howcast video.


If you want to stay on top of the game industry and really have that, sort of, insider view and keep up with the news. Really, there is a ton of really good sites, and Twitters and blog rolls. I'll name a few but you can always go to and look on the sidebar. I've got a list of personalities, Twitter feeds, there are blogs, and news sites. You can go to to get the insiders view,, kotaku is one of my favorites, rockpapershotgun is great. You know,, really big sites like that, gamespot. So a ton of resources out there and it's really up to you to pick which ones you think are the best depending on what's your area of interest. And again check out my site and you can see the list there because I get that question all the time.

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