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How to Find Welding Jobs

Learn how to find welding jobs from sculptor DeWitt Godfrey in this Howcast video.


So what are some of the jobs or careers that you can pursue with welding skills? Those jobs really run the range. You could operate your own small ornamental ironworks making decorative railings, handrails, stairs, et cetera. There's a big business in ornamental iron, fencing, and fabrication. There are many small shops even just in the area where I live.

You could also work in more specialized industries like auto body repair, sheet metal, and up to structural welding. In many cases, working in environments that require stringent testing and oversight, you'll need to get more training. Typical welding training will include not only instruction in practical and hands on processes, but will also include some training in metallurgy and the physical chemistry of welding.

There are lots of very high tech welding processes, automatic welding processes, pipeline welding, robotic welding, underwater welding. And there are also specialized welding processes for nonferrous materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, and so forth.

Those skills can be put to use in many different areas. There are shops that specialize only in fabricating work for artists, and many of the people working in those shops are artists themselves. A lot of those jobs are jobs you can work your way up from grinder finisher to finish welder. And then there's also a range of opportunities just in everyday construction where having the knowledge of welding makes you a more marketable employee to be able to perform simple repairs and do some simple fabrication work.

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