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How to Weld with DeWitt Godfrey

Learn about DeWitt Godfrey, one of Howcast's welding experts, in this video.


Hi. My name's Dewitt Godfrey. I'm a sculptor and art professor at Colgate University, a small liberal arts college located in central New York. Colgate University has about 2800 students and I'm coming to your from our sculpture studios. Working with welding and metals has been a central part of my artistic practice from the very beginning and is also a central part of my teaching. I worked on projects all over the world from, Sculpture Park north of Vilnius in Lithuania where I spent six weeks building a major project with the assistance of university students to museums in Scotland and Japan. And public art projects across the United States in placed like Cambridge, Massachusetts, New Haven, Sarasota and Athens, Ohio. As an artist and a teacher, I've always been interested in metals, primarily for their expressive qualities and the ways in which various technologies such as welding, bending, forging, fabrication can be used in that pursuit. And today I'm going to be talking to you about welding.

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