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Who Has the Right of Way when Driving?

Learn right of way rules in this Howcast video with A-Club Driving School.


So today we are here to give you some information about right of way rules in relation to turns. So we'll start with a basic left turn. What we want to remember on the left turn is that cars going straight have the right of way over cars that are turning. So if we're here waiting to make a left turn and there are a number of cars which are going straight and we both have a green light.

The cars that are going straight have the right of way. Which means we have to wait for them before we make our left turn. Where do you wait? The rule of thumb, if the light is green we want to wait up here in the intersection. As soon as this line clears and we have enough gap then we're able to execute our left turn safely.

The right of way rules for a right turn if we reverse it. Let's say we're making a right turn into this roadway and there are cars that are coming from this direction that are making a left turn into the same roadway. The vehicle closer to the turn would have the right of way. Therefore the car to the right gets to go first over the car that's making the left into the same roadway. There's lots of different variations on turns these are some of the right of way rules. Hope that will help you with that and help you to pass your road test.

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