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Passing Rules for Driving

Learn passing rules in this Howcast video with A-Club Driving Schools.


So today we want to talk about passing rules. And the first thing is that passing should always be done in the left lane. We should never pass a car to the right. It should always be done to the left. And the first thing we want to do if we want to make a good, safe pass is to put our indicator on and let the vehicles behind us know that we want to make this action of passing to the left.

The second thing is you can never pass over a solid line. So if you're in a situation where you're on a highway or in a situation where the line is solid, a pass is not allowed over a solid line. It has to be a staggered line. So we want to wait for that part of the highway where our line is staggered, and that's when we can make our pass. You can't pass over a solid line.

So you're going to put your indicator on and then you're going to start to look. You're going to start to make sure it's safe to make the pass. The first thing might be to check your mirrors. So you want to check your side view mirror to make sure it's safe. Then you want to quickly turn your head. Make sure there isn't any other car in our space of which we want to pass. And then we want to move our car into the lane and pass the vehicle on our right side.

Then the train of thought then is when do we move back into the lane that we came from? And the rule of thumb on that is that we need to see the car that we passed completely in our rear view mirror. And then at that point we know that we have enough distance to safely put our indicator to the right and move back into that lane.

So those are some rules on passing. Again, never over a solid line. Make sure you put your indicator on before, giving your indication of where you want to pass. And then make sure it's safe to do so. You have to check your mirrors. Turn your head. And those are way you can make a nice, safe pass.

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