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How to Start & Stop Your Car Smoothly

Learn how to start and stop a car smoothly in this Howcast video with A-Club Driving School.


Today we're going to try to give you some useful tips on how to start and stop smoothly. From a starting standpoint, from an acceleration standpoint, you have to remember that it doesn't take a whole lot of pressure on the pedal to get the car to accelerate. Just a nice, smooth touch will usually do what you need to have done. My recommendation is very, very smoothly, nice soft touch on the pedal, let the car gradually build speed. If we need a little bit more acceleration, you're going to gradually go down a little harder on the pedal from there. You don't want to step too much on the pedal when you first star. If you're doing that, that will cause your car to have that jerking kind of effect.

As far as breaking goes, pretty much the same thing applies. You want a nice, smooth touch on the break. You don't want to slam it all the way down unless you really have to come to a panicked stop. A nice, smooth stop is accomplished by a nice, soft touch on the pedal. Right at the end of that stop, the last five feet, you're going to just ease off that brake pedal just a little bit, and that car should come to a nice, smooth stop. You won't get that bumping motion that will fail you on your road test. Those are some good tips for starting and stopping in a nice, smooth fashion.

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