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How to Parallel Park

Learn how to parallel park in this Howcast video with A-Club Driving School.


Today I want to be able to give you some good tips on parallel parking. It's part of your road test. It's something you need to learn. For most new drivers it's real difficult, because they're not able to judge angles. And parallel parking is all about angles. I'll take you through a typical parking, I'll take you through how I teach it, and maybe that'll help you in passing your road test.

The first thing you want to do is you want to pull over and you want to stop alongside a parked car. Typically, an inspector will give you a command to pull over, stop next to the red or blue car. You're just going to pull over, put your blinker on to the right, and pull over even with that car.

You're then going to go into reverse, and before you make the car move back even an inch you've got to make sure you look back to make sure it's safe to back up that car. When you back up the car you're going to back it up until your body is even with the middle portion of the trunk on the other car.

Then at that point you're going to turn your wheel all the way to the right, and you're going to create an angle. What you're going to do is your car is going to be in a position like this when you turn the wheel to the right, OK. At this point the way I teach it you're going to look at the other car, and you're going to try to line up the post on the right side of the front windshield with the back corner of the car with you. If you can get those three things in a straight line that's the time in which you need to start turning to the left. You'll see that if you do this properly your car will back right in to the space, and it works perfect every single time.

Remember to go nice and slow. Look for your angles, and if you hit them properly you'll have no problem parking.

Then the next thing to remember is when you pull out make sure you signal and look before you safely exit back into the street.

That's it for parallel parking, and good luck with that.

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