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How to Back a Car into a Parking Spot

Learn how to back a car into a parking spot in this Howcast video with A-Club Driving School.


So what we want to try to do today is give you some good, useful tips on helping you to back a car into a parking spot. So typically, you'll be driving along, and if you're parking spot is here to your right, my recommendation is to swing your car out a little bit to the left, which will create an angle which will help you to properly back the car in. Once the car is out a little bit to the left, we want to go into reverse and of course look behind us before we back up. We have to make sure it's safe to back up the car. And then as we're backing up, we want to look over our shoulder, constantly checking our mirrors, watching for the lines that are on the pavement which will indicate one spot from another.

And if we look in our right view mirror, as soon as our rear fender clears the line, cut the wheel to the right. It should create an angle which will be able to bring you into the spot. You then can check the left side mirror to make sure we clear the line on the left side of the car. And again, constantly looking back, making sure there isn't anybody walking behind the car, in which case of course, we would have to stop before we continue to back in.

So do a lot of looking. Do a lot of checking of your mirrors. And make sure you create that first angle by pulling out the car to the left if you can. That'll make it easier to back the safely into the spot. And I hope that helps you with backing the car into a parking spot.

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