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How to Handle Blind Spots While Driving

Learn how to deal with blind spots when you're driving in this Howcast video with A-Club Driving School.


So the subject matter today is how do we deal with blind spots. And before we talk about that, why don't define what a blind spot is?

And basically what a blind spot is, is anything that isn't covered in our mirrors. So in a normal car we have three mirrors. We have a rear view mirror, which is inside the car. And then we have two side view mirrors, one to our left and one to our right. These mirrors give us a good idea of what is around our car, but in each one of these mirrors there are blind spots. There are things that aren't picked up in the mirror. People that have been driving for a number of years, they fall into a pretty bad habit of not turning their head. And when you want to avoid blind spots, the way to do it is just to turn your head. By giving a quick turn of the head, we can pick up on things that aren't captured in our mirrors which are in our blind spots.

Usually the back right corner of the vehicle is not captured in our mirrors, so a quick turn of the head to the right will be able to compensate for that and capture something which is on that right side blind spot. The same thing goes to the left. Our rear view mirror will capture the back of the car. Our left side mirror will give us a good idea of the left side of the car, but there is a blind spot in that left corner. And so how do we avoid the blind spot? We turn our head to the left before we make a move to the left, therefore capturing what the mirror doesn't catch.

And those are some tips on blind spots. Again, blind spots are things that aren't captured in your mirror, and the way to avoid blind spots is just a quick turn of the head. A quick turn of the head to the left before you move the car left, a quick turn of the head to the right before you move to the right lane, and you'll avoid things that are in your blind spots, therefore making your driving experience a lot safer.

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