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How to Drive at Night

Learn how to drive at night in this Howcast video with A-Club Driving Lessons.


Today we're going to talk a little bit about night driving. As drivers, 90 percent of our driving decisions are based on what we see. So, we have to use extra caution when driving at night, because the darkness reduces our visibility. Therefore, it makes it more difficult to make these proper driving decisions. My recommendation when driving at night is to just drive a little bit slower. Usually that will give us more reaction time, and the ability to drive a car safer will be better if we're driving a little bit slower.

At dusk we generally use our headlights. Not only will this give us greater visibility but it will make it easier for other drivers to see us. Those are the two benefits, of course, of using our headlights. Generally our headlights will light up an area of about 350 feet in front of our car, and we must drive within that range. Therefore, again, the need to drive a little bit slower so that we can drive a little bit safer at night.

The other problem with night time driving might be glare from an oncoming driver's high beam. This can be a dangerous situation. So, if you're driving and you see that that oncoming driver has his high beams on, therefore blinding you, you might want to tap your high beams as an indication to him so that, hopefully, he will turn his off. If not, look away from the high beam. Look to the lower right portion of your windshield for a second, and then keeping looking up and back until you pass that other driver. Therefore you can drive in a nice calm and safe manner again once you pass that other vehicle.

Those are some tips for driving at night. Again, you've got to remember your visibility is cut down by the darkness, so you've got to keep yourself a little bit slower, if possible. Leave a little bit more room around the vehicle. Therefore you'll have a much safer driving experience when driving at night.

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