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How to Drive a Stick Shift

Learn how to drive a stick shift in this Howcast video with A-Club Driving School.


So today we want to talk about the old, ancient art of stick shift driving. And basically what a stick shift does is it gives us the ability to shift our transmission of our car from one gear to another using a manual method, as opposed to the automatic method in which the car will shift gears on its own. In an automatic transmission, the car will know when to shift from gear to gear. And with a stick shift, you have to do that manually on your own.

So the basic concept of this and the way that you learn it is to just go out and practice it. It's a whole concept of being able to coincide your clutch with your gas and your brake and learning how to smoothly operate them in a manner so that you can have your clutch pressure and release your clutch at the proper time with your acceleration with your accelerator so that the vehicle will manually shift smoothly from one gear to another.

Each gear has a purpose. So first gear is your lower gear. You're going to go at a slow speed in first. And then you'll shift into second and third as your speed increases. When you learn how to drive a stick properly, you'll have much more control over your car. And if you're driving a performance car, the enhancement of your drive is much better with a stick shift. So it's something, again, if you're going to get into performance driving and driving cars of that nature, then you're going to want to learn to drive the stick.

My recommendation is when you first start driving, learn to drive on an automatic car. Okay. It's going to be much easier doing your steering control and things like that on a car that's automatic without having to worry about the balance of your clutch and your gas with your stick shift. When you start with the stick, it might be a good idea to start off-road. Maybe you want to start in a parking area where you don't have to worry about other hazards, like other vehicles. And then when you safely accomplish your control of the gas and the clutch, and you're operating it smoothly, then you can get yourself on the road and enhance your driving experience by learning how to drive with a stick.

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