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How to Drive in Icy Conditions

Learn how to drive in icy conditions in this Howcast video with A-Club Driving School.


The subject matter today is if we had to, how do we try to safely operate a motor vehicle in icy conditions?

What happens is if there is a sheet of ice on the highway, the control of our vehicle becomes less for us on a sheet of ice. It will take a lot longer to stop a car and it'll become much more dangerous if we're doing any kind of maneuvering on ice. The tires are not sitting on the roadway, which means that if we try to accelerate, the tires might slip causing a skid, which will become much more dangerous to us.

My main point to you and my main advice to you would be to just leave a lot of room, if you can, around the car so that if you do have to stop that distance is going to become greater to stop and you can stop in a nice smooth manner. If you have a choice, don't drive at all. But if you do have to drive, remember, your vehicle is going to need much greater distance to slow down and to stop. So try to leave a lot of space and try to be very, very gentle with your braking.

You don't want to press the brake. You want to do more of a pumping action, down and up, down and up, back and forth, on the brake. That's how you'll get better braking if you're driving in an icy condition.

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