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How to Drive in Snow

Learn how to drive in snow in this Howcast video with A-Club Driving School.


So today we want to give you some tips for driving safely in snow. And driving in snow can become hazardous to our driving for a number of different reasons. We'll start with visibility. When you're driving in the snow, you have a problem with visibility, because sometimes the snow will land on our windshield, and we'll have to use our windshield wipers to clear the windshield. We want to make sure that our wiper blades are new so that when you do clear the windshield that it'll clear correctly and that we'll be able to see. You also want to make sure that you have enough anti-freeze wiper fluid so that if you have to clean your windshield, that can be accomplished in the safest manner.

The second thing is that snow will make the car slippery when driving. Okay. So the basic thing with this is that our stopping distance will double and triple in the snow. So we have to leave more room between ourselves and the other vehicles when driving in the snow. When we step on the brake, it will probably take longer to stop. Okay. So again, room is crucial. You want to have a lot of distance between yourself and the vehicles around you when driving in the snow.

When you accelerate when you're driving in snow, your tires might skid. So your acceleration has to be real smooth and gentle so that the tires won't skid and we'll have total control of our vehicle at all times.

And so maybe the best advice as far as tips for driving in snow is not to drive at all. If you don't have to get somewhere and there's a lot of accumulation, you may want to make a real intelligent decision. And that decision would be not to drive your car at all.

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