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How to Overcome Driving Fear

Learn how to overcome a fear of driving in this Howcast video with A-Club Driving Lessons.


Today we want to talk about how to overcome fear in driving. Fear basically comes from the unknown, and it's very common in pretty much anybody who drives a car for the first time. So how do we take some of that fear out of driving?

One way might be to go to a driving school. The first time you drive a car be in a situation where someone is sitting next to you with the ability to stop the car just in case something goes wrong. Driving school cars are equipped with dual brakes, so the instructor can stop you just in case anything goes wrong. One way to overcome the fear exactly would be to do that.

The second way might be, if you're not going to go to a driving school, the first time you drive a car you might want to be off the road. Maybe you want to be in a parking lot or a situation like that, so that you can become familiar with the accelerator and the brake and getting the understanding of the feel of the vehicle without being on the roadway in a situation where you might do damage to the vehicle and you have other things around you which make driving more hazardous.

The more you drive, the better you're going to get at it, and that fear is going to start to go away. You'll see that the second time in the car, the third time and the fourth time, you'll feel much calmer. A lot of those nerves will go away, because you'll understand that this isn't so bad. I can control the car. Then the fear will go away from you, and the more you drive, the better you will get t it. A lot of that fear will leave you, and then you'll be able to accomplish some great things in learning how to drive a car safely.

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