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How to Turn Your Car

Learn how to turn your car in this Howcast video with A-Club Driving School.


Today we want to talk about giving you some good turning tips. The first thing we want to do is indicate the direction in which we want to make our turn. So, if we are turning right, we want to put that indicator to the right. We want to move our car to the right side of the roadway that we're on, and then we want to do all of our slowing down for the turn before we actually turn the wheel. You need to be able to get on your brake and slow down for the turn, before you actually get to the turn. That is a tip in making a nice, safe turn. Once we actually get to the turn, the next thing we want to be able to do is to turn the car in a hand over hand fashion, which means moving the hands over the top over one another. That's the best way to turn the car safely. Then you accelerate your vehicle through the turn. Again, you slow down. All of your slowing down comes before the turn. When you're making the turn, you're using the hand-over-hand fashion, and then you're gently going back to your accelerator and accelerating your car throughout the turn. Those are some tips in making a nice, safe turn.

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