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How Is Wrist Pain aka Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treated?

Learn about chiropractic care for wrist pain, aka carpal tunnel syndrome, from Dr. Karen Erickson in this Howcast video.


Carpal tunnel is one of my favorite things to take care of in my practice.

Chiropractically, we see a lot of carpal tunnel in our society, now that people are using so many hand held devices. They're spending so much time on computers and texting.

We also see carpal tunnel in people who have sports injuries or other kind of industrial, repetitive stress syndromes where they have to do the same motions again and again.

And, we also see carpal tunnel very commonly in women. Either during pregnancy or after delivery. Because the ligaments are very lax and the carpal tunnel becomes unstable.

The carpel tunnel itself is a tunnel between the carpel bones where the nerve and the tendons cross. And, this area can become inflamed.

In the most severe cases it causes severe numbness. And, in very severe cases, it requires surgery.

And, chiropractors are qualified to evaluate patients. And we will refer patients for orthopedic or neurological consultation when it's appropriate.

But, I love to take care of carpal tunnel at the earlier stages. When people are just first starting to get symptoms. Or, even when they only have wrist pain and no neurological symptoms.

We find this work can be very, very effective. Chiropractors will adjust the entire kinematic chain. So, the nerves are actually, to the wrist, are coming to the next. So, we'll make sure that the alignment in the neck is perfect.

We'll check the shoulder, the elbow as well as the wrist and fingers. It's really important, particularly, to check the radial bone. This kind of rotation when we use the mouse. Very often that rotation gets locked and it creates a lot of inflammation in the carpal area.

We'll adjust the carpal bones very specifically. And, we may also use other therapies. Which might include things like ice, cold laser, ultrasound and specific exercises. Sometimes even bracing can be very effective at certain times.

It's important that we address wrist pain at the early stages. Before you start to get weakness or constant numbness in the hand. These a very serious signs and they can progress quickly.

So, we watch patients and examine them on a regular basis. And make that we're seeing the improvements that we expect to see.

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