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Why Is Posture Important?

Learn why chiropractors examine your posture from Dr. Karen Erickson in this Howcast video.


One of the main concepts of chiropractic is that there is a relationship between the structure of your body and the function of your body and when it comes to posture chiropractic and play a major role. When a chiropractor examines you they're going to look at your muscular skeletal system perhaps in a way that other healthcare providers don't. They're going to have you stand and look at the height of your shoulders, the alignment of your spine, the curves in your spine, the normal cervical curve and the thoracic curve is the opposite. They're going to look at the heights of your hips, how your knees lineup under your hips, and how your ankles and feet lineup under your hips and shoulders. There also going to look for things like forward leaning or backward leaning, if your caved in the chest.

All of these things give us clues as on how you might be misaligned or sulfonated [sp] and chiropractors will use these visual cues to understand how they can best adjust you to restore normal posture. We all are taught to have normal posture as we're growing up, but when your body becomes sulfonated or misaligned there's a lot of restriction in the joints and and actually becomes difficult to sit up straight and push your shoulders back when your spine doesn't really want to bend that way and my patients always report that after they get adjusted having beautiful posture is effortless. The other thing that the chiropractor will do is teach patients good postural habits and that will include things like how to carry things on your shoulders so that you don't throw your posture off, not carrying heavy handbags on one side or the other, they'll talk to you about sleeping positions and proper pillow selection so that you hold your alignment and posture when you sleep. They'll also talk to you about how to have good posture at your computer or workstation and for children they'll teach children how to choose the correct backpack and adjusted for that child's so that they're able to carry the weight of the backpack without damaging their posture. Your posture announces a lot to the world about what you are and chiropractic care can really help you have more beautiful posture for effortlessly.

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