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What Is Breastfeeding?

Learn what breastfeeding is from lactation consultant Melissa K. Nagin in this Howcast video.


A long time ago, I think breastfeeding was simply putting the baby at the breast and that's how you fed your baby. Nowadays, with so much more technology, breastfeeding for many moms, it's about the bonding experience and about actually putting the baby to the breast. For many moms, it's about feeding their baby breast milk and giving them all the nutritional benefits from that.

I've had many, many moms ask if there's any benefit to actually just pumping breast milk and giving the baby breast milk by bottle, and that's absolutely fine, too. It still provides all those nutritional benefits and the baby is going to be equally as happy. So breastfeeding, it really depends on what your view is. It can be one or the other. It can be a combination of both. It's whatever's going to make you happy and whatever works for you.

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