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Should I Breastfeed?

Decide if breastfeeding your baby is the right choice for you from lactation consultant Melissa K. Nagin in this Howcast video.


"Should I breastfeed?" is a very common question that I get from a lot of pregnant women. The answer is, "Sure." Of course, you should if it's going to work for you and your lifestyle.

It's highly recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and lactation consultants worldwide to breastfeed, because it is really the best start and the best boost for your baby's immune system and for the bonding between you and your baby. However, if there are reasons that you cannot breastfeed, that is okay. There are many moms who just don't feel that it's right for them, that they're comfortable with it. That's okay.

You should not, under any circumstances, feel forced into breastfeeding because someone else in your family wants you to, but you just don't have your heart set on it. I'd rather see a mom not breastfeeding and happy with her baby than breastfeeding her baby miserably. It's not worth it. You just want to be able to have it be a happy experience and to be comfortable, knowing full well that if there are any issues you can always seek help.

But the answer is very, very subjective when it comes to "Should I?" or "Shouldn't I?" It's very, very personal and a decision that you and your partner have to make together to be able to be fully supported.

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