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How to Breastfeed

Learn how to breastfeed your baby from lactation consultant Melissa K. Nagin in this Howcast video.


so breastfeeding; ideally, you start breastfeeding before you've actually had the baby by taking a prenatal breastfeeding class, just to get the heads up on all the information, everything from A to Z, so you go into the process with much more confidence. After you've delivered the baby, ideally you would breastfeed within a half hour to an hour after delivery.

The baby is very, very eager and very, very willing and very ready to feed once he or she is born. So usually, ideally you would look at the first 0-2 hours after birth, and then they zone out a little bit between 2 and 24, which is very normal. It's been a long journey in most cases coming into this world.

If you are delivering in a hospital, then the labor and delivery nurses are typically very well versed in actually helping you to position the baby and to latch on, so just ask for a little bit of help to be able to get started with that. Putting the baby to breast within the first zero to two hours after birth is the the best thing you can do to begin.

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