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Why Should I Breastfeed My Baby?

Learn the reasons for breastfeeding your baby from lactation consultant Melissa K. Nagin in this Howcast video.


Why breastfeed? So much research has shown that breastfeeding is obviously the ideal, best start for baby in this world. Everything from the immune factors that the baby receives, that they can't get anywhere else. They can't get in formula. Even if certain formulas say, "Oh. We mimic breast feeding," it's not the same thing.

It really gives the baby the best boost. Their immune system the best boost. It also is easiest on their digestive systems. You will never, ever have a constipated breastfed baby or an uncomfortable, colicky, breastfed baby.

The health benefits are across the board. It's going to benefit their cardiovascular system in the long run. It's going to benefit their growth, their brain development.

For mom, there are many benefits too. I think that the one, besides from health benefits reducing incidence of breast cancer and ovarian cancer later in life.

I think the one thing that mom's ask most often is, you know, "Am I going to truly lose my pregnancy weight that must faster?" And the truth is, yes. Most women, most breastfeeding women, will lose their pregnancy weight a lot faster than formula feeding counterparts.

Other benefits, obviously you get a very special, you have a very special bond with your baby. In addition to the fact that even if your baby is wired to have particular allergies, the severity will actually be greatly lessened if they're breastfed. And, in addition to colds and viruses and ear infections, you'll see fewer of those in a breastfed baby, because of the immune factors.

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