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How to Open a Plugged Duct within the Breast

Learn how to open a plugged breast duct from lactation consultant Melissa K. Nagin in this Howcast video.


Inevitably, every breastfeeding mom at some point or another ends up with a clogged duct. Or a plugged duct. However you're going to word it. It's the same exact thing. It's really just a duct within the breast, this is the inside of the breast, that gets clogged with milk. And sometimes it's a little bit hard to get out. It does come out, and it's actually very easy to remedy.

First thing is, you're going to feel that one particular area. It feels like a round ball within the breast. And usually it will be accompanied with a little bit of a red spot on the breast. So it's usually pretty easy to feel and to sort of see where it is. I recommend that you massage it out. Just putting a lot of pressure right on. It's going to feel sore, and that's okay. And very normal. Might even feel bruised.

A lot of massage. A lot of local heat. So if you have a hot water bottle, warm moist heat, if you put on a washcloth, it might dry out too soon. So really anything that's going to retain the warmth. And if you place that on there, and massage as well. If you want to take some Ibuprofen to reduce the discomfort and the inflammation, that is absolutely fine.

If you get into the shower and shoot the jet of hot water right at that area while massaging, even better. A lot of times you might run a low grade fever with a plugged duct. And that's okay. It does not mean that you have an infection. And a lot of women think that they have a Mastitis. Which is a very serious breast infection. When in fact it's really just a plugged duct.

If you happen to have recurrent plugged ducts, you can take a Lesathin [SP] supplement, which is very, very benign. There are no side effects other than the fact that it sort of greases your ducts. And it keeps them constantly flowing. Of about 3600 milligrams a day. I think usually they come in 1200 milligram caps.

So, 3600 milligrams a day of a Lesathin supplement will help immensely.

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