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How to Breastfeed using a Side-Lying Position

Learn how to breastfeed your baby using the side-lying position from lactation consultant Melissa K. Nagin in this Howcast video.


In the side-lying position, there's not necessarily one particular way of managing it. It's really that you're going to find your own groove with your baby and your comfort, with your pillows, and how you're going to position your hand underneath it.

But the side-lying position is a fantastic position if you want to get a little bit more sleep, if you want to be able to lie down in bed and feed. As long as you make sure that there are not a ton of pillows around, that the baby is obviously in the middle of the bed and not on the end. It's a very, very nice position because typically the baby just ends up rolling right to their back after they're finished and falls asleep.

Again, you don't want to bring any blankets up close to the baby's face. And they have the comfort of the warmth of your bed and your body heat, for that matter, to keep them nice and warm. Just ensuring that there are not a lot of pillows around, then you're usually good to go with the side-lying position.

But you find your comfort and how you position yourself. Many women will choose to put their arm up under the pillow to sort of prop themselves up a little bit. Use the other arm to bring the baby in. Again, there's no special way, but this is a very common method that a lot of women use for side-lying position. And then usually the baby just sort of rolls off and falls back to sleep on their backs afterward.

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