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3 Tips on Breastfeeding a Toddler

Pick up some tips on breastfeeding a toddler from lactation consultant Melissa K. Nagin in this Howcast video.


When breastfeeding an older baby or a toddler the challenges are different.

You're not having latch on problems anymore. You're rarely even having milk supply issues. The bigger issue is sort of battling distraction and a lot of times moms will come saying. And when we're talking an older baby we're talking about even a six month baby.

A lot of times the baby is very distracted. One person walks in the room. The baby comes off. It's at times like this where we might need to be in a dark room with no TV on, no radio, you know, very quiet in order to keep them focused on the nursing.

With a toddler the same rules apply. But with a toddler it's much more on their terms. They will come to you typically when they want to nurse. They'll nurse. They'll walk away.

A lot of times with toddlers the bigger issue is the outside world. And listening to people's comments. And having to sort of really gain a thick skin as far as dealing with people's opinions and thoughts about whether or not you should be nursing your toddler.

And that is one of the issues that most moms encounter. Is the more emotional end of that.

So, be confident in your decision. What you're doing is right for you and your baby. And you do not have to listen to the outside world commenting on what you're doing.

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