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How to Make Heels Smaller Using Insoles

Learn how to make heels smaller using insoles from celebrity podiatrist Emily Splichal in this Howcast video.


Some great tips to make your heels smaller by using insoles, is perfect for the woman, who bought that pair of shoes, couldn't turn it down, even though they're a little bit bigger. Or for the woman who is not quite a six, doesn't quite fit that six and a half, but your a little bit in between those two sizes.

Place an insole, in the back, and into the ball of the foot. By placing an insole in the front of the foot and in that back of the foot, you're able to make that heel a little bit smaller, approximately a quarter-size. This will prevent the shoe from slipping off as you walk. This is a great tip, especially for the closed-toe pump. As without that proper fit, your foot is going to slip out with every step you take.

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