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How to Run in High Heels

Learn how to run in high heels from celebrity podiatrist Emily Splichal in this Howcast video.


You find yourself wearing your heels, and you need to cross that street fast, or catch the bus, you may need to know how to run in your high heels. Here are some great tips on how to run in your favorite heels.

As you run in heels, it's very different than walking in heels. Your body weight is going to be on the front of that shoe, on the ball of the foot, and you are not striking the heel of the shoe, as the stress of the run can break the heel. Your steps are very quick and short, and you want to make sure that your abdominals are engaged.

I do not recommend running in a mule, or backless heel, as this is sure to slide off of the foot. I do not recommend running in heels unless absolutely necessary, as this increases your risk of injuring your foot or spraining your ankle. And again, I always want to make that sure you stay graceful and confident.

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