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How to Walk in High Heels on Uneven Surfaces

Learn how to walk in high heels on uneven surfaces from celebrity podiatrist Emily Splichal in this Howcast video.


When wearing your heels, often times we don't have the luxury of having the perfect surface. Here are some tips on how to walk properly on different surfaces.

Whether you're at a wedding and you have to walk on the grass, don't want to get your heels stuck in the dirt; or you're walking in the city and you encompass some cobblestone and don't want to twist your ankle, or you're walking on the sidewalk and you see some grates in front of you, you don't want to hook your heel.

The trick to a lot of these surfaces is the same. You want to shift your body weight to the front of the foot so you're walking on the toe of the shoe, trying to avoid striking the heel on the ground, and stay nice and light on your feet. And always remember your grace and confidence.

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