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How to Hold an Accordion

Learn how to hold an accordion from musician / Broadway actress Katrina Yaukey in this Howcast video.


Let's talk about how to hold the accordion. First of all, when you pick up the accordion it's really important that you try not to touch these keys, the white keys, or the buttons that are in the bottom, the base notes. It's important that when you pick it up you pick it up from the actual casing of the instrument.

Let's look at this little one here. I'm going to pick it up using the two straps. I'm going to make sure when I pick it up that the strap is not accidentally over the keys, also very bad for the keys. I'm going to put it on.

The straps that I have on this particular accordion are made by a company called Hohner. Hohner is an outstanding company that services accordions, and they happen to make these particular back straps that have an awesome connection in the back that snaps together and sort of holds everything into place for the accordion.

I'm going to turn around and I'm going to show you that. This is how it snaps together. That offers a balance in the accordion so that it takes all of the weight off of your lower back.

Next, I'm going to unsnap the top of the accordion and also the bottom of the accordion where there's also a connection. Then there's a leather strap on the side which offers guidance for your left hand. There's a connection on top that allows you to tighten this or loosen this. That puts your left hand in place for all of the base notes over here, and it leaves your right hand free to play all of the other notes over here.

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