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How to Move & Maneuver an Accordion While Playing

Learn how to move and maneuver an accordion while playing from musician / Broadway actress Katrina Yaukey in this Howcast video.


Let's talk about how to move and maneuver the accordion while you're playing. First of all, you want to make sure that you've got the straps unhooked on the bottom of the instrument, and, again, on the top. Next, you want to place your hand inside the leather strap which should have a connector on top that allows you to tighten it or loosen it. There should be just enough room in there for you to be able to slide your hand up and down so that you can pass easily over the bass notes.

Second of all, I always want to think of holding the accordion underneath the base of it. I never want to hold the accordion with the keys. They're just for playing, yes. Also, another notable part of the instrument, on the left hand side, is the air release valve. This is a really important part of the instrument. It allows you to open and close the bellows without making any noise. So, if you've been playing and you're stuck in an open position like this, you can use the air release valve to quietly close the instrument without making any noise.

Once again, when you're playing as you press a note you push and pull with the bellows in order to make the sound occur. Again, to move without making any noise, press the air release valve, and you can close the accordion.

Most all of the emotion of the accordion comes from the bellows. It's one of the most important parts in playing, so how you choose to breathe with the instrument really affects your playing.

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