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How to Play the Melody of "Jambalaya" on the Accordion

Learn how to play the melody of "Jambalaya" on the accordion from musician / Broadway actress Katrina Yaukey in this Howcast video.


We are going to learn how to play the melody of Jambalaya on the right hand. We are going to be playing this in the key of C, so we are going to be starting on an E. Here's the first part of the melody.

And those notes are E, G, A, E, G, G, A, G, E, G, D. Again.

Moving on to the next part.

G, G, G, B, B, B, A, G, A, G, G, E. Now I'm just going to plow through the rest of the melody of the song for you.

And that's basically the melody for the first verse. Put it all together.

The melody on the right hand of Jambalaya

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