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Playing the Bass Part of "Jambalaya" on Accordion

Learn how to play the bass part of "Jambalaya" on the accordion from musician / Broadway actress Katrina Yaukey in this Howcast video.


Let's learn a little bit of jambalaya in the left hand for the accordion.

We're doing this in the key of C, so our main chords that we'll be using are C, G, and G7. We'll start first with the C. I'm in the fundamental bass note row, and I've found my little divot where the C is. I found the major chord in the diagonal just above it. Now, I'm just going to locate the G which is one up away from the C in the fundamental note. I'm going to find its major chord note and also its seventh.

So, the basic chords for jambalaya, C, to G, G7, back to C. Stay on the C, to the G, G7, back to C. That's the basic progression for the left hand for the majority of jambalaya. Let's hear a little bit of it together.

Jambalaya, a little bit on both hands.

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