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How to Play a Romantic Song on Accordion

Learn how to play a romantic song on accordion from musician / Broadway actress Katrina Yaukey in this Howcast video.


People always say "Play me something romantic on the accordion." So what would I play if I were to pick up the accordion without having something already memorized or whatever? I think that a lot of songs that are in minor keys tend to sound really romantic, so if I was going to tell you to pick up an accordion and be able to play in a minor key, really quickly, this is what I would tell you to do. Look at all the black keys, they're grouped in three's and two's. We're going to find a group of three, and in the bottom two, we're going to take the white note right in between, and that's an A. An A-minor key on the accordion just uses white notes, so we're going to take that note between those two, and walk all the way up til we get to the two between the next one, so.

And that's in A-minor key. You could play any of those notes in any combination, and it would be minor, and it would sound romantic. Now let's find the A on the left hand, just to give it a little bit of color and a little bit of fun. So, in the middle of every according and the button in the left-hand side, there should be a divet or a jam or something that tells you where your C is. We're going to walk up the circle of fifths to find our A.

So here's the C. Moving up vertically, G. Next one D, and then a step up from that A. Now, finding our chords, right next to it is the major. Right above that is the minor. So we're just going to hold in A-minor chord with our left-hand while we just play with this hand over here, and create something that we might call romantic. And that's an easy way to pick up the accordion with a minor key, and eventually when you start to get a little bit more of a handle of what happens in the left-hand, you can add other minor chords or major chords to add color to the whole sound. That's a little bit of what you can do with a romantic sound on the accordion.

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