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4 Accordion Buying Tips

Learn four tips for buying an accordion from musician / Broadway actress Katrina Yaukey in this Howcast video.


So you're looking to buy an accordion. First and foremost, go to the store and play them. Pick them up. See how much they weight.

This one for example weighs about 23 pounds. This one weighs about 18 pounds. And the one that I'm holding weighs about 15 pounds. So you need to decide what feels good to you.

It doesn't have to be a heavy, heavy instrument to have a really great sound. This one's a really small instrument and has a really loud sound. Weighs almost ten pounds less than that one and is just as loud. So it's about picking up the instrument and actually feeling what it feels like for you to play.

Also important to kind of check out what other bells and whistles there might be on the instrument. These buttons right here, also known as reeds, create different sounds for the piano side of the accordion.

Bassoon. Bandoneon. Master. Violin and clarinet. All can really change the sound. Now the more buttons you have the heavier the accordion is going to be because it involves more reeds inside of the accordion.

Oftentimes on the left hand you'll also find that there are switches over there that can change the sound of the accordion. This accordion doesn't have those. But when it does it usually means it's going to be a heavier accordion.

So bottom line, go to a store. Pick them up and play them. Bigger isn't always better. Sometimes the smallest of instruments can have the strongest, strongest sound.

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