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How to Care For & Maintain Your Accordion

Learn how to care for and maintain an accordion from musician / Broadway actress Katrina Yaukey in this Howcast video.


You may ask yourself, how do you take care of this delicate little flower, the accordion? Well, there are several things that I think are really important in terms of the instrument. Keep it away from water. Keep it away from really heavy heat. Some humidity is actually okay, it's worse for it to be dry than for it to be too humid, as far as the accordion is concerned. But basic things. When you're handling the accordion, make sure that you're careful not to put your hands on these actual keys; not to be bumping things. The base notes - when you set the accordion up or down, if you'll notice, these are on their backs right now. But, I would never set them face down, and I would never press anything against the keys. Many accordions come with suitcases as a means of transportation. I don't think those are the greatest. There's something that I actually love and would highly recommend that you do for your back, and for your accordion. Notice how I've just taken the accordion off, that I've just taken both of the straps at the same time, making sure to be careful that they're not over the keys on either side of the accordion before I set it down. One thing that I love and I have for all of my accordions, are backpacks. Hohner in particular makes a really great backpack, that comes with a stand place, a place to stuff your music, and a place to actually put the accordion. It's a great backpack. They come in all sizes, and there are many other companies besides Hohner that make them too, but a backpack is a sure way to save yourself and the accordion, than trudging it around in a huge suitcase where it's bouncing around everywhere. So again, keep it away from water. Keep it away from too much heat, and too much moisture. And just basic cleanliness for the accordion. They get dusty. You should dust your accordion, and love it.

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