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Best Men's Haircuts for Short Hair

Learn about the best haircuts for men with short hair from Suite 303 stylist April Barton in this Howcast video.


This short haircut, he wasn't in too long ago, but the way he's wearing it right now, because it's a little bit long, is he's wearing it down and back. I want to have a little bit more of that, you know, messy kind of look, and it could do both, like streamlined. So we need to take off about a half an inch in order for it to have a look like that.

So let's just trim up some of these. See already how it just, completely. So there's not a lot to do as far as I do want to add some texture because he has really thick hair. And right now I'm cutting off the tips that had the texture in it before from cutting it like that. So I'm going to have to dive in and get a little bit of this weight out too.

Okay. Get the sides down a little bit. So it's just taking a half an inch off of everything and taking a lot of the weight out, and that will be a great, versatile short cut. Then we'll show you how to style it. For blow drying purposes, I'm basically just blow drying it to get rid of all the loose hair and now we're ready to do styling on him.

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