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Best Men's Haircuts for Wavy Hair

Learn about the best haircuts for men with wavy hair in this Howcast video with Suite 303.


So, this is wavy, it's actually more curly than it is wavy, and there's a little bit of frizzing happening up here, but we're going to use a no-frizz serum at the end to style it. Now, when you pull everything back, it starts to get a little wavy back here. Now, I'm not opposed to the length. I'm not opposed to any of the length, but it does get a little bulky as it comes back.

So, I'm just going to take a tiny bit off. Yes, it's pretty apparent where the weight is. You see when you hold the hair straight out, you can see where the weight is, right in behind the ear when you are connecting this and the bottom one. The two usually there's a square piece that pops out behind the ear.

So, I'm just grazing. I also want to connect these ones. See the top one? See how that top one can be a little bit finer? And then it goes into heaviness. So, you really want to lean out that heaviness underneath. The front's not bad. The front's pretty good, but the back was back-heavy. You know, you can always cut hair to look better longer, and make these slight alterations and you won't have the things that you don't like about it, that lead you into cutting it all off.

You know, if people like to cut their hair at this point, you might rock this for another three months, but if you didn't, you'd probably be over it. So, what we did is we went in and removed a little bit of weight in certain areas so that the flow is better. So, the curl was cascading down and ganging up, so we got rid of that area, and I just added a little bit of no-frizz serum just to give it a no-frizzy smoother appearance.

With curly hair, it's really nice to address it individually since it's got a personality of its own, and it's not so straight and linear that you're going to sort of see where it pops out. You can rough it up a little bit, and see the weight. Like right now it's looking too round, looking too Q-tippy.

So, I'm going to leave the length, but I'm going to square it off a little bit on the sides. You can afford to do hand sculpt curly hair, because it's got so much character. It's hard to do with straighter hair, and I think that's why curly hair is sometimes has a reputation in hard to style and hard to cut, because it has a mind of its own. So, you sort of have to address it that way as well.

We're using less than a half of a teaspoon of the serum for curly, geared for your hair type, and I did blow-dry it just to remove the excess hair that I just cut to get that out, but I would recommend just towel-drying it. Yea, that looks great.

Just give it a little bit more of a natural feel. We'll re-wet it a little bit so it can curl up a little bit more natural and less blow dried looking. Great, and now we've still got some length going on and we didn't cut any. We just trimmed off your ends, you know. So, we did a little perimeter cleaning up and a lot of weight out of there, and it looks great. Nice longer, curly hair style.

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