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Best Men's Haircuts for Long Hair

Learn about the best haircuts for men with long hair from Suite 303 stylist April Barton in this Howcast video.


Okay Mr. Rock and Roll Man. So, long hair, love it. I get it. You come in for your annual shearing and then this is what you end up with a year later. So, there's some heavy knotting in the back. It's kind of suppressed and it's tangling inside of itself. So my idea is to let your hair tell me what to do, but for right now you're going to have a killer cut that you're going to wash and wear and wear down and feel comfortable with, and it'll be a lot light and it's very spring, summer appropriate. By fall you'll start getting it wavy again and ride through the winter, and then you'll be back for your next year.

Okay. So instead of going through this whole comb out process, like, I already know I'm going to get in there and do the shape, I cheat. If something is really resistant to being combed out, that means I'm going to end up cutting that anyway. So I have a way of not spending a lot of time on these unforgiving tangles in long hair, because if it's doing it now, it's going to do it later. So I like sort of breaking them up a tiny bit, and then if I can get a comb through it easy, I know that it's going to be a lot lower maintenance for him to take care of on his own.

Removing tangles from the hair, you start at the bottom and you work your way up, and it's usually better to do it on dry hair, because the hair is much stronger when it's dry. It's a little bit in a weaker state and can create more breakage when it's wet. So if you want to comb out your hair, do it dry, like before a shampoo. We're just going to take that, the length we established, and move it around.

Okay. So, here we go. This is going to be a really easy, quick transformation here.
Okay. So we've basically finished. We got you the Jesus Christ Superstar haircut. We went from being long to, like, sprung up, and it has more of a sweetheart shape so it's going to give you height and it's not going to be too bob-y or too pyramid-y. It's not going to push you down. It's going to elongate. So all the, I think you're not going to have any problems with tangling at all. Everything's, like, free flowing back here.

So there it is. We are finished. We got a nice sweetheart shaped in here, which it's the Jesus Christ Superstar look, and we went from long to a medium-long length and it's a perfect seasonal spring and summer do.

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