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How to Talk to a Hairstylist

Learn how to talk to a hairstylist from Suite 303 stylist April Barton in this Howcast video.


Questions for your hair stylist. I'm personally a stylist that doesn't mind getting pictures so if you bring in something you know and you say, "I like this," I'll tell you how far off you are or right on point or what we have to do to achieve it.

If somebody's who's got really curly hair and they bring in a picture of somebody with straight, pushed back hair, I go, "Are you gonna blow dry everyday." If they say no I might want to do a Brazilian relaxer or Gadabout on them to make it more manageable.

So I like to see where their head is at or what their wishful thinking is, what their wish list of their hair is for and if you choose the right stylist, you know choosing a high caliber stylist might be, if you're looking for a change and you're really kind of lost and you don't know what you want, you might want to choose somebody in a higher price bracket.

It usually means that they've had more experience and you can ask them, a celebrity stylist or a Rock n' Roll stylist or whatever genre that you're in and say, "So what do you think I should do with my hair."

Challenge the stylist. I always tell everybody at my salon, "Do not ask them what they want when they sit down," because they feel obligated like ah, "OK, I wanted ah, you know, not too short." Give them professional opinion first.

You get to know their life style, what they do for a living, how they need to wear their hair, daily maintenance. What it's going to require and ask for the right products. What your stylist would recommend to use because a lot of shampoo and conditioners are pre-styling for the hair.

If you have really dry, frizzy hair the style is gonna be kind of big and annoying and if you put a nice rinse on there or condition it's gonna have a smoother appearance to it.

So ask about products, ask what their vision is for you and then if you do have a few snippets and ideas of what you would like, bring them in and say, "How would I achieve this?"

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