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How to Hide Thinning Hair on a Man

Learn how to hide thinning hair from Suite 303 stylist April Barton in this Howcast video.


The trick in cutting thinning hair is keeping the top cut really bold and blunt, no flyaways, no little spider legs we call them, and then really getting rid of the mid-weight.

We didn't cut any length around the perimeter of the hair, we kept the same length and we kept the same length on top. That's the trick with cutting thinner hair, you just want to make sure that these are not cut to make them look thinner, you want these cut very bold.

So towel-dry really well and then take a little bit [Tom's Man] holding paste. It's a great product for you by the way, as I said before, get it all over the hair. Don't think about styling it just get it on all the little flyaways around here.

Now the thinning is not an issue at all. You don't want stragglers, you want everything really tight. The two things to look out for are the fragile hairs in the front hair line, making sure that they're together and connected, and making sure that you remove a lot of weight from around the perimeter and through the rolls of the head.

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