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How to Style Men's Long Hair

Learn how to style long hair on a guy from Suite 303 stylist April Barton in this Howcast video.


Wash and wear hair for you, styling longer hair, I think less is more. So when you get out of the shower and it's slightly towel dried, slightly damp, not soaking wet, you're going to go through with a little bit of a hold serum which is going to enhance the curls. It depends if your hair is frizzy, you don't have any frizz in your hair, your curl is holding up nicely, you're just going to slightly glide over it, crunch it a tiny bit to enhance the curl. And that's it. If you want it fuller you might want to take a blow dryer and just sort of dry it at the scalp a little bit to create a little more volume. But make sure you don't dry the hair like this because it will create less curl and frizziness but it will create some volume. And then also as it's starting to dry you can always go in and lift it at the root a little bit to encourage it to be a little bit bigger. Like I don't mind you hair bigger. If you were tiny and had a really lean little face I might think it would drown you out but you really can carry some hair so the bigger the better. Awesome. Styling long hair is really easy. Just sort of celebrate it. If it's a good cut, you're safe. If it's a bad cut and it's like heavy at the bottom you're not going to want it that big. But this is cut really good and you can just rely on it being wash and wear. So there you go.

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