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How to Manage Men's Curly Hair

Learn how to manage men's curly hair from Suite 303 stylist April Barton in this Howcast video.


Spaker 1: So this was eight months of cutting your hair short and letting it grow in. Okay, so the alternatives were, let it go two until it got completely unmanageable, and then you chop it off again.

Speaker 2: I was.

Spaker 1: Right. So right before you got there, we learned that with your hair we could go in and remove certain areas where it was unruly, and you can love it again. But now you're at the same length you were when you walked through the door, minus a little bit of a trim and minus two fist fulls of hair that were unruly and taking the whole style down. So, now you're back to, like, 'Oh, this is cool.'

Now, there's another alternative that in two to three months from now, when you get back a little a bit full. The optimum length for your hair is in around this, for being longer because two things happen. There's a frizzyness and fineness that happens to the top. So, this is at a nice length for you right now.

Now, if we wanted to drop it, let's say in three months you came in, and we had to go back to this. If you wanted to for the rest of the summer, the optimum thing for you to do at that point, which would be a nice interesting thing for you, which is called Katabu. It's a chemical treatment that we do right here in the salon that... It's not a Brazilian. It's not permanently straight, like, straight hair, but it takes out frizz and it loosen the curl, so we can leave the wave in it. So, that way, you won't get really puffy, or round, or frizzy, or have this. It smooths out the texture and you can let it droop down. So, July and August when it's, like, at the time when you're gonna want to whack your hair, you can call and schedule a Katabu treatment which will soften the texture.

And for fall, you'll have mid-length hair with, like, hair down to here. And it will just have, you know,wave and then it will start coming back because it wears back in, and the curl comes back. And then, you could go for a short more tailored look in January, like, in around the holidays. You know, just go with a much cleaner, like, you cut your hair.

But you can really play with, like, the end of summer, beginning of fall, having new long hair. But your hair, as it is now, this medium length, is kind of the best alternative. It's, like, it doesn't, you can't get too much longer because your hair is just not going to lend itself to that. But if we Katabu it, you can go another three to four months and get a whole 'nother picture going.

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