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How to Style Curly Men's Hair

Learn how to style curly hair on a guy from Suite 303 stylist April Barton in this Howcast video.


Tips for curly hair.

This is more of a very natural wash and wear look that he's sporting right now with a little bit of a curl serum and that's it rock and roll wash and wear hair. But if you want to elongate this hair style if it's feeling a little bit too up and preppy and you want to sort of pull it down a little bit and stretch out the curl I suggest like a holding paste, not so much a pomade but more of a crème that's going to hold and pull the curl. And basically you're going to go over it when it's dry and you're going to do exactly that like pull down and coat and elongate the curl. And it changes a curly tight hair style into something long and wavier. So let's say you want it to be less va, va, vavoom and a little bit more tailored and more tame. Which is not bad at all either. So you go from that and then if you want to revamp it a little bit you can just sort of run your fingers and spread it out a tiny bit, but it's still going to make it a little bit straighter and less curly.
Easy. You don't have to be afraid of curls, like don't touch them, you know they can stretch out, they can curl up, that's the great thing about curly hair you have the versatility of different hair styles.

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